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  • 12 Volt DC 3way Pinch Valve 02T
12 Volt DC 3way Pinch Valve 02T

12 Volt DC 3way Pinch Valve 02T

12 Volt DC 3way Pinch Valve 02T



Solenoid pinch valve (referred to as pinch valve) is driven by solenoid coil, controlling the opening and closing through squeezing or releasing the flexible tubing. Only the easily replaceable tubing contacts with the fluid. This means that this pinch valve is ideal for those applications requiring frequent changes of the flow path. Compared with other types of solenoid valves, pinch valves are more economic and have no cross-contamination. (Model:12 Volt DC 3way Pinch Valve 02T)


Application (Model:12 Volt DC 3way Pinch Valve 02T)

Oriwen solenoid pinch valves are widely used in the areas of medical devices, clinical diagnostics, analytical chemistry, water quality, food and beverage industry, etc.


Features & Advantages (Model:12 Volt DC 3way Pinch Valve 02T)

1. Long service life (valve 20,000,000 times, tubing more than 500,000 times);

2. Perfect close pressure guaranteed for each pinch valve when leaving factory.

3. Low consumption and high heat dissipation rate (energy-saving chip provided);

4. Easy and reliable fixed, no resistance to flow;

5. Zero dead volume, effectively prevent cross contamination;

6. Multiple tubings adapted to different requirements of anti-corrosion (chemical resistance).

7. Teflon coating on the wire surface.

8. More cost-savings valves of high reliability.


About Tubing and Mounting Options (Model:12 Volt DC 3way Pinch Valve 02T)

To ensure stable and durable performance, insert the tubing into the grooves when in use.

Qualified tubing materials: Silicone tubings / Pharmed® BPT;

For 2way solenoid pinch valve, 30cm long tubing supplied;

For 3way solenoid pinch valve, 2pcs of 15cm long tubing supplied;

Mounting Flange (Polyethylene)/ Mounting Ring (Aluminum)/ Mounting Clip (Spring Steel)


Product Specifications

24volt or 12 volt DC solenoid pinch valve

2way normally closed (NC solenoid pinch valve)

2way normally open (NO solenoid pinch valve)

3way solenoid pinch valve

 Model:12 Volt DC 3way Pinch Valve 02T



Tubing inner diameter (mm

1.6 mm

Tubing outer diameter

3.2 mm

Tubing material




Operating pressure range

0-15 psi

Rated voltage

12 Volt DC

Power consumption

4 W

Operating duration


Outer dimensions

Φ19 x H 53.6 mm


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